“Marshmallow fluff” introduced also on Japanese television
No matter if you put it on toast or put it on cocoa!

Enjoy the fluff with various arrangements!

If you cook crispy baked toast it will softly melt the cream.

Upgraded just by placing it on a drink such as coffee or cocoa.

To sweets materials such as cakes and pies, cookies. Even if it mixes with ice cream.

If you paint and toast before baking the bread, the surface is crisp, the inside is fluffy texture.

In addition to whipped cake shop fruit.



The most popular classic vanilla flavor.
Peanut butter and fluff are painted “Furufunuta” is traditional way of eating.


Fresh fluffy flavor scented with strawberry.
Perfect for sweets such as cakes and cookies. Synthetic coloring not used.


Sweetness of rich caramel flavor.
The best texture of caramel and marshmallow is just to paint on bread and cookies.