Our Vision

Frontier Bussan Co., Ltd. conducts import / wholesale business such as miscellaneous goods, household goods, processed foods, toys, bags, writing instruments, cosmetics, drinking water etc, OEM production contracting work of various products, export of various goods and trilogy between the three countries We do. We constantly ahead of other challenges with Frontier Spirits as our company name to provide new products, services and good products from all over the world.

Our Business

Import wholesale business

Import wholesale business such as food, toys, household goods, miscellaneous goods, electric appliances, alcoholic beverages, character goods, writing instruments, food and drink

Import agency business

Import agency business of cosmetics, various goods

Intermediate Trade

Intermediate Trade

Our Products

News Release


We will exhibit at the “Tokyo Fashion Goods Trade Show 2022” to be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade […]

Notice of Winter Holiday Closure

Our office will be closed for Winter holiday from December 29 (Wed.) to January 4 (Tue.),. We will be open […]

Notice of Summer Holiday Closure

Our office will be closed for Summer holiday from Friday 13th August to Monday 16th August. We will open from Tuesday 17th August.


Our office will be closed for Summer holiday from Saturday 8th August to Sunday 16th August. We will open from Monday 17th August.